Target Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall 90% Natural Tungsten Darts 22,24g


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Set of 3 Target Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall darts 90% tungsten with silver finish.

Weight Length (mm) Width (mm)
22g 51 6.4
24g 51 6.6


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Target Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall 90% Tungsten Silver Darts.


  • Set of three 90% tungsten barrels in silver with laser etched CHIZZY text and match weighed to within +/- 0.05g make these a cracking looking and performing set of darts.
  • Set of three Target nylon shafts with Dave Chisnall’s characteristic slot ring flights which lock the flights to the shafts eliminating flight  “pop offs”.
  • Target’s Precision powered high carbon steel tip points.



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